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We are supplier for many customers in other countries. We prepare special collections for our different customers according to their needs. 

Comeor is a textile supplier that tries to strike a balance between fashion, comfort, and quality. Whilst we focus on the overall fabric, stitching, and fit of the product we ensure the look and style keeps up with general fashion and trends of the day. Our products are delivered to all European countries. We cater to the specific needs of different customers – both men and women.




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ByComeor Wholesale Clothing
ByComeor Wholesale Clothing
ByComeor Wholesale Clothing
ByComeor Wholesale Clothing

Our products

Our main products include T-shirts, sweatshirts, knitwear and knitwear for men and women. As a reliable textile supplier in Istanbul, we assure customers of quality, fabric, style and trend that we specialize in each of the garments we design and sell. Our products have a unique touch that can be traced back to our signature style and exclusive designs.

ByComeor Wholesale Clothing

Our t-shirts vary in sleeves and necklines, ranging from turtlenecks, henleys, crew necks and more. The sleeves, too, range from comfortably short for summer to full-length for cozy winter specials. Our sweatshirts are designed with young adults through mid-40s in mind. These are comfy and trendy but still have a decent look that can be worn for an office or college hang out and swap. Our knitwear is also made with the purpose in mind to wear it.


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