Countries That Wholesale Clothing

Wholesale clothing sales provide successful solutions for people’s understanding of dressing and the following fashion. In this context, wholesale is one of the solutions for producer countries for consumer countries. The fact that people accept clothing as a necessity and shop within this framework triggers wholesale sales. For this reason, it is essential to take a detailed look at the countries that sell wholesale clothing.

Wholesale clothing sales refer to the sale from production to the retailer. In this context, the contact of the wholesaler is only one of the sellers rather than the end-user. So, which are the most important countries involved in this sales process? Below, we have shared with you the most important details about both wholesaler countries and these countries!

Best Countries for Wholesale Textile Products

Wholesale is accepted as an option preferred by the producing countries. In this context, evaluating the best countries is actually special to reveal the countries that come to the fore in production. Here are the world’s best textile manufacturers and wholesalers!


In addition to being a very large textile producer in terms of its population, China sells textile products in many countries of the world. There are different reasons why China is so important and placed in the 1st place in the textile trade. Cheap labor is one of the most important features of China. Products that will be subject to much higher costs in different countries are produced in China for very low numbers. On the other hand, the fact that China is both a market and a manufacturing area is among the reasons for its strength. The presence of crowded countries in Asian geography other than China is among the factors that facilitate wholesale.

EU Countries

Aside from the fact that China is the pioneer of the textile industry in terms of population and production power, EU countries have very strong manufacturers within themselves. Both the desire to carry out production by the European Union standards and the aim of keeping the quality at a high level cause the EU countries to be at the forefront of textile production. However, the production of upper segment textile products by EU countries causes wholesale sales to generally higher class countries.


India is the second-largest country in the world after China. The fact that India is large in terms of population and has made strong economic moves in the last period enables it to have a say in textile production. Population plays the most important role in making India the 3rd largest textile exporter and wholesaler. Because a large population like China opens the door to a decrease in production costs. For this reason, India sells products of good standards to the world, albeit not of very high quality, at cheap prices.


The United States is one of those countries with a large population and strong demand. In this context, the USA, which is at the forefront in the production of quality textile products, is also a strong exporter. The USA, where the most important brands of the world are located, supports its economy by creating high added value in wholesale. In this respect, US textile manufacturers can achieve high returns even with a small number of production.


As one of the most important options for the manufacture and export of textile products, Turkey is among the top 5 There are different factors based on Turkey being a strong producer both in terms of quality and quantity. Because Turkey always acts with the desire to carry the production quality to the highest level. In Turkey, which sells wholesale clothing thanks to its products for the European geography, a development move takes place with the support of the textile industry.

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