Things to Know About Laleli Textile Market

Laleli Textile Market is one of the most important textile regions of Istanbul. Laleli is a commercially highly active place. However, in addition to this movement, it has a structure that fascinates its visitors with its cultural past. In addition, it is located in a central part of Istanbul, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Located within walking distance of the Historical Peninsula, Laleli offers the traditional tastes of Turkish cuisine to the tourists with the most beautiful restaurants. Therefore, we can easily state that Laleli is not only a textile and trade center but also a highly developed region in terms of tourism.

Laleli Meets 5% of Foreign Trade

Laleli, which is the most important region of Istanbul in terms of trade; includes many important brands of the world in the field of ready-to-wear, apparel, hotel sector, and textile. It is known that the region has a trading volume of 6 billion dollars today.

History of Laleli

Laleli, a region of Istanbul’s Fatih district, attracted intense attention from Arab tourists in the 1980s. Investment and trade activities carried out by Arab tourists in the city have caused trade to attract great attention in Laleli. After Arab tourists, an intense trade flow started from the region with Hungary and Poland, which are among the former Eastern Bloc countries. Today, Laleli is among the largest open-air shopping centers in the world.
According to the Textile and Apparel Agreement accepted by the World Trade Organization in 1995, trade quotas were abolished. As a result of the agreement, which was put into practice in 2005, a transition to an important period of intense competition in the international market was made. Accordingly, Laleli was heavily affected by this agreement.

Why Laleli?

Due to its structure and features, Laleli is institutionalized, high quality, flexible, fast, and open to innovation. For this reason, it is an extremely correct region for trade and textiles. Laleli, which is a shopping center with sectoral diversity, is a region preferred by the world.

From Laleli, where the leading companies of the textile industry are located, trade is carried out to countries such as Russia, CIS countries, Turkish states, Eastern European countries, Arab countries, and African countries.

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